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2012 NBA Playoff Predictions: Will The King Get A Ring?

Seeing red at the United Center, the home of the Chicago Bulls.

I know it’s unfair to post these picks after six of the eight first round series have already tipped off, but I still wanted to get my prognostications out there. I have the benefit of knowing the awful, depressing, monumental, history-changing news that Derrick Rose will miss the rest of the NBA playoffs with a torn ACL. Pardon me while I cry… Here are my picks:

Eastern Conference


Bulls over 76ers in 6

Heat over Knicks in 4

Pacers over Magic in 6

Celtics over Hawks in 7


Bulls over Celtics in 7

Heat over Pacers in 6


Heat over Bulls in 5

Western Conference


Spurs over Jazz in 5

Thunder over Mavericks in 5

Lakers over Nuggets in 5

Grizzlies over Clippers in 7


Spurs over Grizzlies in 7

Thunder over Lakers in 6


Thunder over Spurs in 6


Heat over Thunder in 6

Finals MVP: LeBron James

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2/6 Photo of the Day – I Think They Made The Right Choice

I stumbled upon this link tonight while searching for some information on Omer Asik. The banner is down right scary.

I had forgotten that Derrick Rose vs Michael Beasley was actually a debate at one point. Not only that, I think Beasley was the presumed No. 1 pick for most of the college basketball season. Beasley started off hot for K-State while Rose struggled a little bit at the beginning of his Memphis career.

I really don’t want to think of what the Bulls would be right now if they had drafted Beasley over Rose, or if the ping pong balls had not bounced in their favor.

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