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North Carolina Vacation – Day Six

I’ll skip ahead to the sixth day of my trip since I don’t have any pictures from day five, which was spent at the beach. It was a perfect place to take pictures, but I wanted to keep my iPhone away from the sand.

NC State’s bell tower.

For my last dinner we went to The Pit in downtown Raleigh.

I had Carolina style ribs with red beans & rice and fried okra. It was awesome, all of it. I also had a locally brewed double IPA. I’m pretty sure it was a regular IPA with a shot of moonshine dumped in.

And by the end of my trip, Max Power was as wiped out as I was.

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North Carolina Vacation – Day Four, Part Three (Barbeque)

Backyard BBQ Pit in Durham, NC. Rib Plate with collard greens, mac & cheese and hush puppies. As good as it looks. Oh, so, so, so good.

The Pig in Chapel Hill, NC. Chopped pork with cole slaw, hush puppies and homemade pickles. Awesome. Best chopped pork I had in NC. Orange cole slaw was really good, and the tangy homemade pickles were tasty as well.

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