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Reading To Learn


One of the things I enjoy most about teaching fifth grade is the reading instruction.

Fifth graders are ready to tackle reading in a much different way than they did their first four or five years in school. Instead of learning HOW to read, they’re learning WHY to read. They’re no longer learning to READ, they’re reading to LEARN.

And it’s not just learning facts and information from nonfiction, it’s learning life lessons and themes from fiction. Reading can be a powerful tool when it’s viewed as a window to the world and humanity.

So, as these fifth graders move on to sixth grade and beyond, I want them to hold onto the lessons we uncovered as we read some amazing books together.

First of all, as Esperanza taught us, don’t ever be afraid to start over. Middle school is a lot more exciting than it is scary.

But, when you are afraid of something, remember Cat from Ghosts. You must face your fears to overcome them.

When you face a problem in middle school, be like Ally and don’t be afraid to ask for help from teachers or peers. And as Red and his biome showed us, problems are solved more easily with help from others.

Persevere like Salva, and try new things like Kek and Reena. Just, please, don’t try to wash the dishes in a washing machine. Your parents won’t like that.

I’m so glad we’ve been able to share these reading experiences. Good luck in middle school, and please keep in touch, I’m so excited to see and hear what the future holds for you all.

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