It’s Game Week!

Camp Randall; Madison, WI, Sept. 2007

It’s game week. I’ll be at Camp Randall this Thursday for the kickoff of the season. These are some of the things I’m most pumped to find out about the 2011 season:

1. How will Russell Wilson look in the Badger offense? Will his speed threat lead to dynamite play-action game? Can he be as efficient as Scott Tolzien this season? How often will he run? Which receiver will be his favorite target?

2. How will the defense, specifically the defensive line, look without J.J. Watt? Most people are saying the UW D-line is very deep, but which lineman will step up? Will Louis Nzegwu finally turn into a legit pass rusher? Nzegwu was pretty unspectacular last season, and that was when J.J. Watt was constantly drawing double teams on the other side of the line.

3. Can Chris Borland and Mike Taylor stay on the field this season. Both are very talented line backers, but they’ve had their share of injuries. The Badgers don’t have a deep stable at LB, and would have a hard time replacing either in the lineup (along with Kevin Claxton, the third starting LB).

4. How will the receiving corp be? Can Nick Toon stay healthy? Who behind Toon and Abbrederis will see significant playing time? Doe, Duckworth, Frederick, Garner (if he gets healthy)?

5. How dominant will the new three headed monster at running back be (Montee Ball, James White, Melvin Gordon)? The word out of camp is the Ball and White both look improved from last season and that Gordon is a beast that can’t be kept of the field. With Ball and White improved, and the addition of Gordon and Wilson to the team, can the running game actual be better in 2011?

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